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FAQ Screen Protector

1. Why should I use Screen Protectors?
The screen protectors help to protect your screen against hazardous elements that may damage your screen. With high transparency, the screen protectors make screen clear and display original colors. They reduce 99% of UV that injure your eyes.

2. What kind of material can I choose?
We have six kinds of materials. Each has it own special benefit.

Crystal Clear Ultra-high transparency produces vibrant colors

Ultra Crystal Clear Ultra-high transparency produces vibrant colors, very easy to apply to the screen and last long

Anti-Glare Reduce reflection, good for outdoor usage

Pen smooth Improve pen-touch feeling

Anti-Reflection Reduce the reflection and ultra-high transparency produces vibrant colors

Privacy Enables you to work freely with complete privacy at public area

3. Why is “FOCUS” better than other screen protectors in the market?
Focus screen protectors   use no adhesive that can cause bubbles or could even damage your screen if you removed them too vigorously. They offer much longer life about 3-4 times of vinyl protectors. They can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled repeatedly, giving much longer use.We offer our clients with high quality products in reasonable prices that make them get a promising profit and valuable business.

4. How long is life time of Focus Screen Protector?
The life time is about one to two years and depends on habits of user.

5. How can I order your screen protector ?
You can contact us at our Email: [email protected]

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