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Screen Protector for PDA & Phone & Camera

How to use for PDA, Mobile and Camera

1. Clean your screen thoroughly in order to remove the dust and contaminates
2. Peel off the screen guard No.1
3. Align the exposed section with the edges of LCD screen protector have been placing straightly.
4. Remove front screen guard No.2

Screen Protector for Notebook


How to use for notebook

For LCD Screen Protector
1. Measure LCD screen size with Mount Pad.
2. Put Pixel Screen Protector on the LCD screen to ensure the right size.
3. Put the Screen Protector on Mount Pad and cut the LCD Film by 1 mm. smaller.
4. If the size is not right, re cut Pixel Screen Protector.
5. Clean of your LCD screen to make sure that the screen is completely clean and free dust, or dirt.
6. Peeling off the first plastic layer of screen Tech Protector at one corner by about 1 inch.
7. Apply Pixel Screen Protector on LCD screen. Peeling off the plastic layer slowly and use screen cleaning cloth.
8. When LCD is completely applied with LCD screen, peel of the second plastic layer.

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